Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One small story

Early this morning my friend Lydia died after nearly a year of living with Breast Cancer. Until she was diagnosed and began chemotherapy, she never smoked marijuana. Toward the end of her life she became an advocate for the medicinal use of weed because as she told me many times, it helped her with the nausea and it kept her appetite up enough to survive longer than was expected. It was important for her to have those extra months. She used them well by filling journals with thoughts, advice, wisdom and wishes for the two young daughters she was leaving behind. Many times it gave her the extra bit of motivation she needed to write that last important thought, that small piece of memory she thought they would need years from now. For those who fight against the legalization of marijuana, I want you to keep in mind the image of her daughters ten, fifteen years from now reading those words she left for them, feeling the appreciation and gratitude at the strength she found in herself to leave them for her. If you then still think it's wrong to make marijuana available to people like my friend, then I suggest you offer your heart up for transplant because you sure aren't using it.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Subverting politics by growing your own.

Any great societal change has always started with the individual. Right now we are at a point in time where the economy sucks and millions of dollars are still being wasted on the so-called War On Drugs. It's the nature of bureaucracies to ignore change in progress until it wakes them up one day and says: sorry, there's no more money for you. Let's move on.

And that is what I see as the problem. The moving on part because there's still money left to spend, money that was appropriated during the great scare years of Reagan, Bush, and all the other fearmongering politicians.

Yes, many states have passed Medical Marijuana laws. Many states have the legal options in place to allow clinics to dispense medicinal marijuana to sick patients. But when you combine the millions of dollars still left unspent with the political and rigid erroneous view of marijuana as a drug instead of medicine, then nothing will begin to really change until that already awarded money is spent and authorizations need to be approved for more.

In these political times of budget wars and posturing, how likely do you think it is that when some local despot with a badge and a political agenda has to request more money to continue standing in the way of progress, he or she will actually get more? It's one thing to say the standard political crap to conservative districts in order to win on fear instead of substance, but paying for it will become the only issue that matters.

The expedient solution, the one that will create the less heat, will be to say these are tough times, everyone has to cut back, we can't afford to give you money to bust clinics and harass cancer patients. But since it will in some conservative districts, still be political suicide to advocate for legalization, the politics and small town wannabes will learn the value of looking away at what they don't want to see, and that is people growing their own.

 Eventually so many people will be growing their own that it will cease to be an issue and marijuana will quietly and quickly be legalized. Only then when the lure of all that taxable income is dangled in front of broke ass city governments, will the clinics be allowed to operate free of harassment and free of being used for some local yokel to get old Republican Dick and Dickess Head to vote him or her into office.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Recipe For Medical Marijuana Butter

This is a great recipe for those who don't want to smoke or who have lung ailments aggravated by smoking. I also like that it can be made with the trimmings rather than the buds themselves as that saves on the costs and can sometimes be donated by those who want only the buds. It seems versatile enough to be mixed in with foods other than desserts as well for those avoiding sugar.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's time to get loud on Legalization

The voters in several states have either passed Medical Marijuana Laws, or have legislation pending. Read  more HERE.

 But with uncertainty over what the Feds will do and have done as far as closing down dispensaries and arresting providers, many of these states are reluctant to follow the will of the people and are waiting for an "official" ruling to come down.

In the meantime,  when we're talking about a multi-billion dollar industry, you have the opportunists lining up to feed at the money trough. You can bet big Pharma wants to substitute some synthetic crap for the real organic product, because that way they can control the profits and direct most of them to their own pockets. And their bed buddies, the insurance companies, will surely want to find a way to take their cut and decide who gets to have it and who doesn't.

Of course, there's also the alcohol industry who don't want to lose customers to a safer escape. They prefer it all come in liquid form and line their own pockets with the profits instead of sending it to their very real competition: marijuana growers.

There's even backlash from growers who are benefiting financially from the illegality of America's favorite escape.

And today I read that the Miracle-Gro company is trying to figure out how to tap into that huge market of smokers and growers.

Lost in all this are the people who depend on Medical Marijuana to get through the day. As the population ages, so does the need for a safe and non-addictive way to deal with the aches, pains, and serious illnesses of aging. Several retirement communities already have their own medical marijuana indoor and outdoor farms to provide for elderly residents whose lives are vastly improved by using weed.

It's time to take the politics and excessive profits off the table and begin to approach Medical Marijuana like adults instead of whiny money grubbing political whores. It's time to quit talking about it and start acting.

Become a lobbying force for legalization same as all the other interest groups, because in government it's not always about the big bucks. On the local level it is about voters, about the numbers needed to elect local representatives. Let those level of politicians know they have to please you to get your vote and you have a way in that exclusive door.

But it starts with you. Put down that bong and write that email, make that phone call, make that personal visit to your state Legislator, your governor, even your city council members. Once they know they need your vote to get elected and stay elected, your issue, the legalization of Medical Marijuana will become important to them as well.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh Cannabis

I have a friend very ill with stage four breast cancer right now. Until she started chemotherapy she'd never smoked weed before. In the time since she started smoking she is able to eat small meals, sleep comfortably, and focus on the few positive moments that are rare and so much needed to help her get through each day. Whenever I talk with her about this it is all I can do to keep my anger under control at those who would deny her these small pieces of relief in the heaviness that is her life right now. For those who are so heartless that they can't see pass their own rigid fake morality that they would deny her this small relief, I offer a heartfelt and loud "bite me." Unless you've been there, don't judge, and please get out of the damn way. You have no right to make her suffer for your narrow little definition of right and wrong.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pretty Pictures and Funny Marijuana Song

Today's offering is a silly song but it comes with some really pretty pictures for your virtual enjoyment.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

When stupid people make propaganda films.

You'd think with all the whacked out crazy teabagging morons screaming about getting guvmint out of our lives, they'd at least figure out laws against getting high are the ultimate guvmint invasion of our bodies. I can't help but think these screaming loonies demanding that insurance companies gouge and treat them like crap would wake up if they started smoking weed instead of drinking that piss awful cheap beer. They might even figure out they were getting used by rich fucks who don't give a shit about them other than to herd them into the voting booths to pull that R lever. But until they do, we will all be endlessly entertained by the dumbass propaganda these tools of the rich think will do anything but make smokers roll on the floor laughing like maniacs. It's almost as funny as what they think is television news.

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