Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh Cannabis

I have a friend very ill with stage four breast cancer right now. Until she started chemotherapy she'd never smoked weed before. In the time since she started smoking she is able to eat small meals, sleep comfortably, and focus on the few positive moments that are rare and so much needed to help her get through each day. Whenever I talk with her about this it is all I can do to keep my anger under control at those who would deny her these small pieces of relief in the heaviness that is her life right now. For those who are so heartless that they can't see pass their own rigid fake morality that they would deny her this small relief, I offer a heartfelt and loud "bite me." Unless you've been there, don't judge, and please get out of the damn way. You have no right to make her suffer for your narrow little definition of right and wrong.

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