Monday, September 16, 2013

What really strikes fear in the Prohibitionists

What is the most dangerous person to someone who wants total and complete control over a population? The one person they can't control. It's always been that way, which is why the tyrants, whether they masquerade as crusaders, reformers, religious leaders, or politicians always make sure books, music, art, and substances that encourage self-reflection are immediately banned and controlled. Looking inward is the only gift we have to grow our selves into human beings that can resist tyranny, especially when it is directed at us. It is no accident these tyrants try and control marijuana. They know that unlike alcohol, cocaine, meth, and pills, the simple weed puts most people in a relaxed and introspective state. That is the real gateway they fear, because looking inward is the first step to finding your own answers to your own questions. In the despots' minds, this is dangerous because once you learn to question, once you learn to explore what you think and feel for answers, you become beyond the control of those who count on simple minds to lead around. You become the enemy, the most dangerous person in the world.