Sunday, February 27, 2011

When stupid people make propaganda films.

You'd think with all the whacked out crazy teabagging morons screaming about getting guvmint out of our lives, they'd at least figure out laws against getting high are the ultimate guvmint invasion of our bodies. I can't help but think these screaming loonies demanding that insurance companies gouge and treat them like crap would wake up if they started smoking weed instead of drinking that piss awful cheap beer. They might even figure out they were getting used by rich fucks who don't give a shit about them other than to herd them into the voting booths to pull that R lever. But until they do, we will all be endlessly entertained by the dumbass propaganda these tools of the rich think will do anything but make smokers roll on the floor laughing like maniacs. It's almost as funny as what they think is television news.

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