Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One small story

Early this morning my friend Lydia died after nearly a year of living with Breast Cancer. Until she was diagnosed and began chemotherapy, she never smoked marijuana. Toward the end of her life she became an advocate for the medicinal use of weed because as she told me many times, it helped her with the nausea and it kept her appetite up enough to survive longer than was expected. It was important for her to have those extra months. She used them well by filling journals with thoughts, advice, wisdom and wishes for the two young daughters she was leaving behind. Many times it gave her the extra bit of motivation she needed to write that last important thought, that small piece of memory she thought they would need years from now. For those who fight against the legalization of marijuana, I want you to keep in mind the image of her daughters ten, fifteen years from now reading those words she left for them, feeling the appreciation and gratitude at the strength she found in herself to leave them for her. If you then still think it's wrong to make marijuana available to people like my friend, then I suggest you offer your heart up for transplant because you sure aren't using it.


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